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Sponsoring a child, volunteer is not trivial. It’s very important..

“Thanks to you, I’m very happy to be the sponsor of a young girl. We have many contacts with her and you are very attentive towards us. I trust you to send a gift to our goddaughter and I know your management is very good. Thank you”

Maria d’Aywaille (B).

“Dear Patricia, you’re doing a great job in favour if this non-profit organization. On the one hand, you organize many events to raise funds nad by the other hand you are fully involved in daily tasks. Congratulations and big hug !”

Léonor du Luxembourg (Lux).

“First of all, visiting Myanmar was my wife’s dream. I started to read a lot about this country. I was filled with wonder with the landscapes, the Burmese people puzzelded me. When we went, the dream became reality. Supporting this organization is a way to make me feel closer to this touching people.”

Jérémy d’Anderlues (B).

“For more than 3 years, I’ve been sponsoring my godson, Tone Tone. Regularly, I receive letters or photos. As a teacher, it was important for me to contribute to the education of a vulnerable child. For Tone Tone’s parents, my low financial support is definetely crucial to pay the tuition fee. They want the best for him and therefore they are grateful. Child’s sponsorship is a wonderful human adventure, a fruitful cultural exchange between families that would never have met each others. My best wish ? To give a big hug to Tone Tone and his parents.”

Marguerite de Polleur (B).

“I’m Amrit volunteered and spent 3 weeks in Dala Township, close to Yangon in Myanmar in September 2016. I organized English classes for the 22 kids at the Parami Orphanage at the rural township. After spending time with the kids and witnessing their poor living conditions, ASBL started an online fundraiser. The funds from the fundraiser have been utilized to set up a monthly donation plan for the orphanage to help them meet their living expenses and educational fees for the children.”

Amrit from Toronto (C)

“I got the opportunity to meet my godson, Nyein Chan, three times in his village. The first I came, I offered him a solar lamp to help him when studying in the evening. I didn’t know what to expect. Although very bad living conditions (from my point of view !), they seemed to be happy. They showed me the pump delivered by the organization and the school. While travelling around in the countryside in several villages, I realized that there was still a lot to do to help them. During our first meeting, Nyein Chan told me he wanted to be a General. This idea sounded funny to me. Now, He wants to become a doctor. Next year, he will attend the university “

Michel de Vyle-et-Tharoul (B)