We are a small but motivated and generous team who wants to dedicate time to help children living far away from Belgium.

In 2002, when travelling for the first time in Myanmar, we fell in love with this country. So much kindness while so many needs : lack of drinking water, schools and healthcare. Although people are not starving, they suffer from educational and sanitary poverty.

Nowadays, all children should get the chance to go to school, to learn skills in order to earn money and live with dignity. They also should benefit high quality healthcare.

In the 21st century, several diseases were eradicated, we explore the space world and we create innovative technologies. However, thousands of chidlren still die very young because of a lack a medical competencies.
We want to offer a better quality of life to this warm, kind and willing people. They don’t ask for anything although they lack everything.

Let’s donate a little, it’s already a lot !


«It is with small grains of sand that we train the biggest deserts»


This country needs help. Myanmar has just opened itself to democracy but the population still needs educational and sanitary support. There is a lack of water and electricity in most places outside big cities.


Our volunteers are very helpful to collect money in Western countries. They also collect medical and educational equipment as well as toys for kids.
In Myanmar, our volunteers dedicate time and try to share their knowledge in order to improve the local conditions of living. We finance schools and clinics building projects.


We wish equal quality of life, education and access to healthcare for everybody. May be a dream ?
Our mission will succeed whenever we’ll have brought some of the useful fundations to support the development of this country. We don’t pretend to help everybody, just doing our best !

For children in Myanmar, as small as it is, your help can make the difference !