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If you have any question about Myanmar

If you want to make sure that your donation will be correctly used

If you want to be useful for the non-profit organization as a volunteer in Myanmar or in Belgium

If you want to sponsor a child

Please find the FAQ, you’ll get the answers. If you don’t, feel free to contact us by email.


Where is Burma ?

Burma is located in South-East Asia, between India on the West side and China and Thailand on the East side. The country is 23 times bigger than Belgium, covering 676.578 km², with 52 million inhabitants.

Burma or Myanmar ?

The name of the country has changed several times over the centuries !

When it was colonised by the UK, a British name was required. This name had also to refer to the local population « the Barmar ». Therefore, the country was named BURMA. Later when the military junta took the power, all cities were renamed in order to avoid any British connotation. Burma became Myanmar in 1989. Since 2011, when the junta disappeared, it is allowed to use both names Burma or Myanmar. However, older people still prefer BURMA while young people use both.

Why is it necessary to help Burma ?

Why not ? When travelling around Burma for the first time, it was a love at first sight. People are so friendly and cheerful although they have so many basic needs.

How do you choose the villages that the organization support ?

When travelling around the country, we meet many people, we discover remote villages likely to be supported, where ever they are located. New projects come out different conversations with local representatives. Then, we evaluate the feasibility.

What is the current political situation ?

Currently, Burma is a democracy. Our organization doesn’t want to be involved in politics. Therefore, we don’t want to discuss about this topic on our website. Our goal is to help vulnerable people.

Is it safe to travel anywhere around Burma ?

You feel safe evrywhere in Burma.

Before massive turism, the violence and robberies rates were very low.

For the last few years, it has been increasing in big cities but the rates are still very low compared with our Western countries.

Is school mandatory ?

Yes, few people are illiterate

What is the religion in this country ?

Most people are buddhists (87 %) and some others are catholics, muslims or animists.

Are the funds raised fully dedicated to the population ?

Donations and raised funds are fully and directly dedicated to our activities and projects in aid of the local population : children’sponsorships, ongoing projects and some « one shot » aids to the benefit of orphenages or schools.

Is there any extra fee when you send money to Burma ?

No bank arrangement exists to send money to Burma.

Western Union offers this service (A cost of 58 € if you send 2.000 €).

We also bring cash with us to distribute it where it is necessary.

What’s the proportion of costs dedicated to working costs ?

None. We always try to find a sponsor to support our administrative costs.

Is it allowed to attend the GA or other meetings ?

Yes, everybody is welcome and we invite you to join us ! Please find the date on our website in the agenda.

Do you hold events everywhere in Belgium ?

Yes, wherever we can organize any kind of activity likely to raise funds. We never refuse any proposal and everybody is warmly welcome.


Is it possible to meet his/her godson/daughter ?

Yes of course ! You can meet him/her when you travel in Burma. In order to organize the meeting in the best conditions, please inform us as soon as possible.

How can I keep in touch with the child ?

You can send a letter by email to Orlane who is in charge of children’sponsorships. She will get in touch with the coordinator in Burma. You can aslo send a small box that we’ll bring with us the next time we go to Burma.

How do you choose the sponsored children ?

We choose very poor children.

Recently, we have focused on children coming form remote villages. In the past, most children we helped came from Yangon because it was more convenient. Now, we have the opportunity to spread our action among those living in remote villages.

How is your donation used ?

20 € a month are fully dedicated to scholarship including uniform, equipment and transport fees. Donations are never used for other needs like medicines or food.

Are sponsored children allowed to come to Belgium ?

Yes, they are but most of the time they are over 18 year’s old.

From 15 year’s old, a visa is required to travel alone. Before 15 year’s old, the child must travel with at least one parent.

For Belgium, a visa has to be required by the German Embassy in Yangon. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

For France, please contact the Burma Embassy in Paris.

Is it possible to give a present to the child and how to send it ?

Yes it is, please contact us. Never send anything by post, most people don’t have mail boxes.

Which present to offer ?

Simple and cheap things.

In villages, children need solar lamps for studying when the night falls. You can buy one through our « shopping on line ». It will be distributed very quickly.

You can also offer English books, pocket solar lamps, watches, alarm clocks, hair clips, fancy jewelleries, albums with photos illustrating you country and your life, pencils, coloured drawing books..

In which language will the child write to me ?

If the child is young, he will write in Burmese and you’ll get the French translation. If the child is older and learning English, he/she will answer in English if you ask him/her. Sometimes in both languages if they learn both French and English.

In which language should I write to him/her ?

If you write to him/her in French, your letter will be translated. However, if your godson/daughter is learning English, you can write your letter in English.

Can he learn English ? French ?

Several possibilities exist  : French classes at the French Institute or similar in Yangon but it’s quite expensive. Private classes in our Ingyin school in New Bagan where English learning is free. We also have a similar school in Yangon.

There is no free French classes because the current need is English learning.

-Is the child an orphan ?

No because in orphanages you can’t help one child more than the others. Of course, we support some orphanages and some people donate but the money goes to the orphanage, it never goes to a particular child.

Sponsored children live in very poor families so that they can’t afford education fees.

May I choose a girl or a boy ?

Yes but never on a photo based choice

May I choose his/her age ?

Yes, either a young child (primary school) or a teenager (secondary school).

May I send more money to the child and to his/her family ?

Yes, you may if you want to help more than schooling. Please don’t send money directly because he/she will not receive it. The organization can help you, it is safest ! Please tell us what you like to offer in order for us to inform the family as well. You’ll get a picture of the child and his/her family when receiving your present.


How much time should you dedicate weelky to the association ?

As much as you can even once a year will be appreciated.

Where can a help as a volunteer ?

Everywhere in Belgium or elsewhere like selling calendars in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Quebec.

« One shot » help is welcome for any activity that we organize.

You can also help us from home..

What kind of help can I bring ?

Many options : calendars selling, looking for sponsors, find a venue for organizing an activity, equipment collect and transport..

How old are volunteers ?

Over 18 year’s old, except for calendars selling authorized for minors.

What are the specific skills needed ?

Altruism, to be able to give generously, to feel concern about helping children in Myanmar even if you have never been there.

Should I pay for working as a volunteer ?


What’s the difference between « bénévole « and volunteer ?

« Bénévole » are people who helps us in Belgium while « volunteers » are those who go to Burma with a specific mission. Both are helpful.

Should I sign a contract ?

No, but you are invited to sign and approve a document stating your involvement as a volunteer, the duration and the general conditions


How much should I pay as a volunteer ?

You have to buy your flight ticket.

Other costs are supported by the organization : accomodation, meals and transport in Burma..

Should I send a Curriculum vitae ?

Yes because we want to know you better and use your skills.

What are the qualifications required ?

Depending on the mission you’ll be in charge of, specific skills or profiles are required (doctors, nurses ..). Others don’t need qualifications, only skills for teaching English, music, handmade art craft making..

How long ?

As long as you can.

How old ?

Over 18 year’s old.

Should I sign a contract ?

You are invited to sign and approve a document stating your involvement as a volunteer, the duration and the general conditions.


Is there any tax reduction ?

No because the Belgian government doesn’t have any cooperation agreement with Burma.

Of course, we can deliver an invoice to join with your income tax return

May I receive a receipt or an invoice ?

Yes upon request.

Are donations always dedicated to the project we have chosen to support ?

Yes, except if we have collected enough money for it. In this cas, your donation will be dedicated to a similar project.

May I donate from abroad ?

Yes you can donate from everywhere on the following current account : BE80 3634 7179 2377 code Bic BBRUBEBB.

May I donate other things than money ?

Of course you can.

We need video movies and cartoons in English, any kind of medical equipment. We also need teethbrushes, balloons to blow up, simple and light games and wool for crochetting at Ingyin School..

Don’t hesitate to contact us of you have anything to donate !


Does the association organize travels in Burma ?

You can be a volunteer in Burma. You can also travel around Burma with our partner, a local travel agency. Just ask and you’ll get a tailor-made itinerary.

Is a visa required ?

Yes, it is mandatory. You can buy the touristic e-visa on internet but the duration is limited to 28 days.

You can also join the Burma Embassy in Brussels if your are from Belgium, Luxembourg or Holland. French people can join the French Embassy in Paris.

Can you help us in Burma while visiting the country ?

Everything is possible unless you advise us as soon as possible.

Can you meet your godson/daughter while travelling in Burma independently from the association ?

Yes of course ! Although we ‘ll never give you one child’s address or phone number, one of our coordinator in Burma can organize a meeting.